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All of us that enjoy Xbox racing and driving games want a realistic experience. The only way to do that is to use an Xbox steering wheel controller. The benefits of a steering wheel controller over a hand controller are pretty varied and we will see that here.

Using hand controllers in Xbox driving games
Using a standard hand controller for a driving/racing game can be frustrating at times. The buttons and sticks are factory configured to operate specific functions of the car. For instance, “X” could be brakes, “A” could be accelerator, “B” could be clutch and so on. The cross pad or thumb stick will control direction of the car, effectively acting as your steering wheel.

The problem with this is that it is too easy to hit the wrong button at the wrong time and lose whatever you are trying to achieve. For gamers playing on Xbox live, that can be massive. The idea is to amass your gamer points with wins or places. Brake when you should accelerate and that could knock you out of the running.

The other thing with using a hand controller for a driving game is that there are combinations of buttons that perform certain functions that are easily done otherwise. These are easy to forget and may be overlooked when in the flow of a game. See the point I am making?

Yeah, a hand controller gets the job done, but not as easily as an Xbox steering wheel controller does.

Using an Xbox steering wheel controller in Xbox driving games
Now, the main benefit here is a realistic driving or racing experience. However, the truth is that the virtual car is easier to control. Instead of buttons, levers, and thumb sticks, you have a steering wheel, pedals and an optional gear shifter for stick shift Xbox game aficionados or purists.

The use of an Xbox steering wheel controller puts you IN the driver’s seat. You see the landscape and react as you would normally as a driver. The overall experience is real time driving one. Shift properly and you can drift the lead driver; make a mistake and you could crash or blow the engine. Yeah. The possibilities are real and can happen just like in real life.

All this is possible without the worries of all those buttons and sticks of a hand controller. You accelerate, brake, shift and steer in real time. A natural, real time driving or racing experience is exactly what the Xbox is all about. Use an Xbox steering wheel controller for the ultimate driving game fun.

So if you are like me and absolutely LOVE driving or racing games AND you want a real driving experience, use an Xbox steering wheel controller. You will find that you feel as if you just won the Grand Prix. The excitement is real and when you’re done with a race, your heart will be racing and your adrenaline will be pumping. A real racing high.

xbox 360 steering wheel with clutch and shifter, xbox 360 steering wheel with clutch and shifter


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